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Our five step process has been finely tuned to create customized online courses designed to reflect your brand while delivering your key messages and ensuring your learners’ interaction.

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Our 5 Steps to Success!

At every stage of the development process, our team of experts, comprising Life Science SME’s Project Managers, creative and qualified Multimedia Instructional Designers and Professional Voice Over artists accompany you to create clear, relevant and engaging online courses that will support your overall business objectives while keeping your learners engaged.

With our proven five step process you can be assured of a quality final online course that will have a positive impact on the behavior of your workforce.

Step 1: Course Discovery

We will help you provide a high-level description of the course you would like developed and any other key requirements that need to be satisfied from a business perspective.

We find that the best method is to provide a clear table of contents detailing each area that needs to be focused on. This allows for a much smoother process and less ambiguity once we start the content creation process.

We also work with our own SME’s to further enhance the overall structure to ensure we have solid foundations for the next step.

Step 2: Content Creation

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements and the table of contents has been approved we collaborate with our own subject matter experts to create the course content.

Typically, each course we develop contains three to five modules, so we ask the client to review the script after two modules have been completed to ensure we are on the right track and hitting the mark.

We also reference any regulations or guidelines where possible to further emphasis the importance of each learning.

Step 3: Final Script Approval Process

Once the final script has been completed the you then review in detail before your final approval.

This is an important step as any changes to the script after this point will have an impact on the course creation steps timelines.

Step 4: Voice Over Creation

Choosing to use a voice over professional will give your video the finish and finesse that can turn it into a real success.

We only work with professional voice over actors with great reputation and vast experience to ensure the best outcome for your online course.

Whether male or female, it is important to find the right person because their knowledge and understanding of what is required will enable them to deliver.

All our voice over artists have worked on life science projects previously which will be a huge bonus to your project.

Step 5: Online Course Creation

We assemble a development team, including your participation at any point along the way, if desired.

The course is authored; media is created and assembled including graphics, audio, video, motion graphics, video scribe etc.

The process of testing, editing and modifying is simple using our collaborative, hosted, development platform.

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I've been in quality and operations with medical device companies for 20+ yrs and this is the first site/program to ever offer all this information and training in one easy to use place for companies to access. You are truly providing an amazing service!

Director Learning & Development

Medical Device Company (Top 20)

Every course was given a huge thumbs up by our internal Quality Systems leaders. I highly recommend using Learnaboutgmp for any organization interested in deploying top notch GMP related courseware.

VP Global Quality Learning

Global Pharmaceutical Company (Top 5)

Each course has been developed to the highest of standards with content that each learner can relate to easily. Thank you for assisting us in executing great online learning solutions!

Associate Director Learning & Development

Global Biotechnology Company (Top 5)

Your online courses provide excellent regulatory compliance knowledge as well as effective training using scenarios and case studies.

Technical Training Manager

Global Generics Manufacturer

Courses are available to perform in your own time and are split into manageable sections meaning that they can easily be completed around your busy schedule.

Laboratory Manager

Global Healthcare Company (Top 10)

I'm excited we’ve implemented Learnaboutgmp as our internal training platform! Their compliance and regulatory training solutions are up-to-date and engaging, with videos and games to help us learn the material and make it stick.

General Manager

Life Science Service Provider

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