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The Benefits of Becoming a Published Author

What are the benefits of becoming a published author?

Whether you create a book or an eLearning course with us it will give you unbelievable credibility which increases the respect you will receive from customers and business associates. New customers are more likely to take advice from, or purchase the services/products from, an established author. Many consultants increase the levels of their business simply by writing a book on their area of expertise.

You are seen as the expert

Writing a book or developing an eLearning course gives you instant expert status. If you wrote the content, you are now seen as the authority on that subject by others. And you are! You will have now proven that you know what you’re talking about. You will show, in writing, that you know your business area inside and out.

New consultancy opportunities

If you are not already a consultant, a book or eLearning course along with your proven expert status could bring you new consulting opportunities where you can bill for your time to educate, speak to and work with other companies and individuals helping them succeed through what you know.

Additional Revenue

Your own book or eLearning course will be a complement and a supplement to your current business. It will also mean an additional source of revenue added to your bottom line. Use your passion. Take your knowledge, package it and sell it. People are willing to pay for what you already know, and above all your will really enjoy the process and working with us.

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