All personnel involved with material and product should receive specific GMP training.

This training should originate with orientation and continue throughout employment.

The training should be appropriate to their needs and position within the company and should also include training in hygiene standards.

Authorized Personnel

Employees who have not yet completed the required training should not enter any production, storage or quality control area without strict supervision. Only people authorized to go to areas, should be allowed to enter, wearing appropriate garments.

Special Clothing

To prevent the introduction of outside contaminants entering the production areas, staff employed in the manufacturing areas are issued with special clothing, which are only to be worn inside the production area.

In addition, staff should not wear any personal jewellery, wrist watches or cosmetics in the manufacturing areas.

Avoid Unhygienic Practice

In general, any unhygienic practice within the manufacturing areas or in any other area where the product might be adversely affected should be forbidden.

Eating, drinking, chewing, and smoking are not allowed in the production areas.

Avoid Food Consumption

Also, storage of food, drink, smoking materials or personal medication in the manufacturing and storage areas is prohibited.