Learning Paths

A Learning Path is a selection of courses tied together for learners to progress through, mastering a particular subject or program

Automate & Sequence

Learning Paths allow you to automate and sequence the order in which learners are enrolled onto your courses. For example, you might setup a “New Hire Learning Path”; this would allow you to roll 5 or 6 different courses out to all new hires who are assigned the New Hire Learning Path in a set order.

Create Meaningful Paths

Why not make the new hire onboarding experience easier? Enroll users in paths like “Induction” first, then “Company Policy”, then “Health and Safety” etc.

When setting up your Learning Path, you can decide if the learner immediately gets enrolled in the next course on the path, or if there is a delay (e.g.: Assign “Course B” 7 days after the learner completed “Course A”).

Simplify Induction Training

Get new hires started immediately by simply adding them to predefined learning paths. This is a great way to engage new employees and get them trained quickly.

Mastery Levels

One of the most common uses for a Learning Path is to combine courses from the same subject matter. If the courses increase in complexity or mastery level, a sequential Path is the best option.

If the requirement is that a learner can only progress to the next course if they pass an exam, then you can ensure that a learner only has access to courses at their level of understanding.

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