The Challenge: Comprehensive training solution covering everything from Good Manufacturing and Documentation Practices to Aseptic Processing for new hires — implemented within 4 months

The Solution: A fully customized, turnkey digital, in-person, & hands-on training program coupled with sample analysis and direct result reporting

The Team: Azzur Southeast, Azzur Labs, & Learnaboutgmp

The Impact: In less than 3 weeks , over 100 non-technical employees completed critical training and were ready to walk into a clean-room

In 2016, a top-10 international pharmaceutical manufacturer reached out to Azzur Group when faced with a seemingly insurmountable goal of implementing a comprehensive training program for non-technical staff, covering everything from GDP to aseptic processing. The industry giant elicited more than 20 proposals for a comprehensive solution with a demanding timeline of four months.

Expert Trifecta

With an expert trifecta — Azzur Southeast, Azzur Labs, & Learnaboutgmp — Azzur Group presented a single-source solution
unmatched by the competition.

Azzur Southeast led the charge, and, in partner ship with the client, reviewed existing materials and determined the need for a number of different approaches out side of a simple content update.

Client Collaboration

That is where Learnaboutgmp came into play. An IACET-accredited digital training solution under the Azzur Group umbrella, Learnaboutgmp collaborated with the client to develop new training content, update existing content, and utilize the content in a robust training program.

Formulated specifically for the client’s requirements, Azzur subject matter exper ts (SMEs) worked directly with the client’s training department to develop curriculum for the following courses:

  • Good Documentation Practices
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Grade A/B & C/D Gowning
  • Aseptic Processing
  • Aspetic Techniques
  • Contamination Control

Seamlessly Transitioned

These modules, initially developed within Learnaboutgmp’s proprietary system, were seamlessly transitioned into the client’s branded learning management system (LMS), making them easily accessible by users with added security benef its.

Meanwhile, a team of 12 Az zur SMEs began a three-week process with the client to become certified trainers . This certification allowed the Az zur experts to take the content even further. The next step required a combination of in-per son, facilitator-led training, moderated online training, and hands-on gowning and aseptic process training for more than 100 employees at multiple locations.

Cleanroom Ready

Finally, Azzur Labs analyzed hundreds of samples from the training program and fed all result s directly into the client’s laboratory data system for repor ting and employee tracking. As a result of the careful planning and preparation of the project managers at Azzur Southeast, all candidates completed the required training, practiced gowning, went through a real cleanroom for gowning qualification, and left the course ready to walk into their jobs.

Not only was the client extremely pleased with the results, but through this project, Azzur Group developed a single-source, turnkey solution to critical client training needs that is ready to implement on any site for any client.