Hi there,

We’re excited to announce you can now get Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with every online course on our life science training platform.

The process is very simple once you take a course and complete the final exam successfully you will be awarded your very own certification with CEUs.

Only Global Provider of CEUs for Online Life Science Training

Our online training courses meet the professional certification and continuing education requirements for participants seeking Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in accordance with the rules & regulations of the International Association for Continuing Education & Training (IACET).

IACET is an international authority that evaluates programs according to strict, research-based criteria and guidelines.

The CEU is an internationally accepted uniform unit of measurement in qualified courses of continuing education.

Accreditation Gives You a Competitive Edge

Being an IACET Authorized Provider gives Learnboutgmp LLC the opportunity to offer continuing education units (CEUs).

IACET CEUs are transferrable and recognized by a wide range of organizations in almost every industry including professional associations, regulatory boards, state boards, corporations and universities.

Now you can take any of our online courses and learning paths and receive official accreditation each time.