While microlearning is not a new concept, it is suddenly being talked about as the next significant approach to training in a regulated environment.

Although chunking content into short bytes has existed for a long time, we are seeing an increased focus on microlearning as a fairly significant part of an organization’s overall training delivery.

Here are 5 benefits of microlearning-based training for you employees:

1. Learner-Centric

Microlearning nuggets appeal to learners as they empower them and give a higher control in defining a personalized and flexible learning path.

The varied formats used to create these nuggets are more likely to match individual learning styles.


2. Just-In-Time

This is probably the biggest benefit for the learners. These nuggets are available to them precisely at the moment of their learning need.

They are also available on demand (learners can pull them rather than being pushed into going through them).

3. Accessible

Microlearning can be designed for multi-device delivery (from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones) thereby providing higher flexibility to learners to learn when they need and on the device of their choice.

4. Better Retention of Knowledge

The design formats of microlearning include rich media formats that lead to better retention of knowledge.


5. Less Time Consuming

Microlearning is ideal for adult learners with a shorter attention span and also appeals to millennial learners.


I hope this article was useful in recognizing the power of microlearning-based training.

This approach will help your learners get just-in-time training in formats that are easy to learn and apply.

This will certainly result in performance gain and increased productivity.

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