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The All-In-One Toolkit for Life Science Training Departments

Learnaboutgmp is an accredited training platform designed specifically for pharma, med device and biotech organizations. Keep your workforce compliant without creating, maintaining or (constantly) updating the courses yourself, we’ll do that for you!

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Used by life science companies globally

Honestly now, is this the best way to train your workforce…?

PowerPoint presentations are dull, organizing classroom-based training is too cumbersome and the regulatory websites are too confusing!

What if there was a simpler way to train your workforce (continuously)?

Try Learnaboutgmp Instead

Regulations and standards too hard to understand…

  • Too complicated
  • Full of legal jargon
  • Written by lawyers
  • Very daunting

Same old boring PowerPoint presentations

  • Gets outdated fast
  • Only covers the minimum
  • They’ve seen it before
  • Dull and boring

Classroom training not enough for today’s employee

  • Not personalized & relevant
  • Not consistent to build skills
  • Limited to one type of training
  • Not on-demand for modern

Classroom training takes too long

  • Hard to free up trainer’s time
  • Time consuming for everyone
  • Hard to fit everyone’s schedule
  • Hard to get physical space

Don’t want to risk an FDA warning letter?

These are consequences other companies have had to face, do you want to be one of them?

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Real warning letters from the FDA website

Failure to establish adequate procedures for identifying training needs and ensure that all personnel are trained to adequately perform their assigned responsibilities, as required by 21 CFR 211.25(b). [...]”

Read entire warning letter

Failure to adequately establish training needs as required by 21 CFR 820.25(b). For example, your (b)(4) requires that training needs to be identified and that employees possess the required [...]

Read entire warning letter

Why create (and maintain) all of this training when there’s a customizable solution already available?

Tailored for your needs, updated every month, the only accredited online compliance training available globally.

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This is everything you’ll need to help your workforce get it right
 first time to ensure patient safety and product quality.

Step 1

Define corporate learning strategy

  • Assess capability gaps
  • Align with business strategy
  • Short Vs long term goals
  • Develop marketing strategy
  • Roll-out strategy
  • Performance measurement (ROI)

Helping you define a clear roadmap to ensure training is continuous, impactful and meaningful

Step 2

Ensure compliance with accredited training

We have gone through the rigorous application process for IACET accreditation, to demonstrate our organization’s commitment to continuing education and training excellence. We ensure our students, customers and other participants get the best return on their investment.

Meeting the professional certification for learners seeking Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Step 3

Reinforce with microlearning

  • Increase knowledge retention
  • Deploy to critical business areas
  • Create higher impact
  • Less time consuming
  • Accessible to everyone
  • Supplement to formal training

Engage learners better with specific targeted
 training of shorter duration

Step 4

Customization aligned to suit your requirements

  • Tailored to your business
  • Aligned with your procedures
  • Harmonize globally
  • Online collaboration with SME’s
  • Easy content revisions
  • Your brand and values

Eliminate the need for costly in-house production of training content.

Step 5

Localize training with translation

Our translation service localizes custom or existing courses into a target language, so that your entire workforce can effectively participate in critical training, regardless of their location and native language.

We understand the complexities of delivering technical to a global life science audience

Step 6

Define marketing strategy

  • Promotion of training
  • Custom branded newsletters
  • Custom landing pages
  • Online banners and adverts
  • Scheduled campaigns
  • Flexible with business

We’ll develop a marketing strategy 
to get your learners excited.

The best part? We have the ONLY accredited Online Training in the world for the life sciences!

The CEU is an internationally accepted uniform unit of measurement in qualified courses of continuing education.

Where else would you look for (accredited) compliance training?

Here’s why 50,000+ learners use 
our training to stay compliant

I've been in quality and operations with medical device companies for 20+ yrs and this is the first site/program to ever offer all this information and training in one easy to use place for companies to access. You are truly providing an amazing service!

Director Learning & Development

Medical Device Company (Top 20)

Every course was given a huge thumbs up by our internal Quality Systems leaders. I highly recommend using Learnaboutgmp for any organization interested in deploying top notch GMP related courseware.

VP Global Quality Learning

Global Pharmaceutical Company (Top 5)

Each course has been developed to the highest of standards with content that each learner can relate to easily. Thank you for assisting us in executing great online learning solutions!

Associate Director Learning & Development

Global Biotechnology Company (Top 5)

Your online courses provide excellent regulatory compliance knowledge as well as effective training using scenarios and case studies.

Technical Training Manager

Global Generics Manufacturer

Courses are available to perform in your own time and are split into manageable sections meaning that they can easily be completed around your busy schedule.

Laboratory Manager

Global Healthcare Company (Top 10)

I'm excited we’ve implemented Learnaboutgmp as our internal training platform! Their compliance and regulatory training solutions are up-to-date and engaging, with videos and games to help us learn the material and make it stick.

General Manager

Life Science Service Provider

100's of life science companies use us to train their workforce, when will you?

There must be a reason why some many big organizations love us. Here’s how you can learn more about how we can help you stay compliant with a quick call that covers:

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  • Defining what type of training you'll need
  • Customized training for your requirements
  • How to promote this training internally

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